Alumni Co-Living wrap-up

Time to wrap up our Co-Living experience after 2 month on the amazing Canary Island – Fuerteventura.

February and March were for sure eventful and full of fun! We had so many events that it is not possible to list them all without writing the full book! However, we would like to tell everyone who missed it what were the main highlights:

🔹Within two months we had more than 60 Alumni coming to join Co-Living experience (not including friends that were visiting for shorter periods)

🔹We hosted 5 sessions of Talks & Workshops  presented by our Alumni with multiple different topics being covered ranging from personal success stories on landing the perfect job and crash course on UX or cyber security.

🔹SPEGC from Gran Canaria presented their organization which focuses on promoting business innovation, supporting entrepreneurs and business growth, and promoting the Island to attract investment, companies and professionals. Are you looking where to start your business or just relocate to work remotely? Definitely consider doing it at Canary Islands!

🔹We held our first Speed Networking events (once per month) where all the participants had a chance to have one-on-one sessions to share their work experience. The feedback about those events was only positive, so you can expect more similar events coming.

🔹We did a lot of sport activities based on the personal interest with main one being surfing accompanied by windsurfing, kitesurfing, scuba diving, SUPing, yoga and dance classes. The amazing thing was that most of those activities were organized by Alumni themselves, so everyone felt involved and motivated to contribute to the Community.

🔹 We took 2 major trips per month all together - one to explore Fuerteventura and the second on to explore the neighboring island Lanzarote.

🔹 We participated in externally arranged networking events by different communities of digital nomads in Fuerteventura to network outside EIT Digital Alumni.

🔹 We participated in the local Carnival which was a lot of fun!

And of course, we had a lot of fun together: lunches and dinners, drinks out, a lot of live music and karaoke! There was not a single moment to be bored - that is for sure! So, once again, we are so happy about the active involvement and support of the Community by our Alumni, so thank you all.

Saying all that, you can expect the new edition of Co-Living soon, we will keep you posted and hope to see you soon again!


If you want to check out how the Co-Living experience looked like, check out our albums on Flickr: 

🔹 February

🔹 March