Group Description

The Helsinki Local Community was established in 2016. We started with a first meetup co-organized with Climate-KIC Alumni Association and hosted by Turbiini Accelerator. In 2017, several of our local members helped during the Master School Kick-Off, serving as mentors and volunteers.

Then, in 2018, our Local Team organized 2 great events: a jump-start meetup in Helsinki, which brought together at Eficode a wonderful group of people, who brainstormed different ways and ideas to support our local community; and, last November, another successful event - the Pre-Slush Alumni Outreach. This event featured more than 50 colleagues from the EIT Digital and Climate-KIC communities, telling their experiences about moving from university into the professional work life and sharing some useful advices with fellow alumni. Also our Women@EIT have been quite active, attracting dozens of attendees at their events.

Special thanks to all group members who have contributed to the Finland Local Community and made it what it is today: Wilfried Bock, Juhana Suhonen, José Carlos Camposano, Mary Chan, Karolina Drobotowicz, Clément Fiere, Lena Hegemann, Juhana Suhonen

Right now our Local Representative for Helsinki is Sean Deloddere.

We are excited to be welcoming more people in our team! Feel free to join our Telegram chat or Facebook group and help us organize / suggest even more events!

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Group Leader
Sean Deloddere