Tuesday Afterwork: Applied ML and AI in Google Zürich

Event Description

Two of our own EIT Digital Alumni community members will present how it's like to be working at Google and how they are using data science knowledge (machine learning and artificial intelligence) within their recent projects at Google Zürich office.



"Applied ML at Gmail & Youtube" by Jan van de Kerkhof

(Software Engineer at Google Zürich)

Jan van de Kerkhof

“In particular, I will cover Smart Reply as a feature and discuss some of the NLP techniques used to build the feature. I will cover content from the initial paper using LSTMs and from the optimization which uses dual-encoder networks, as outlined in our research blog. If time permits, I'll also give examples of how Youtube uses neural networks within their video recommendation algorithms, covering content from the YouTube paper."



"Machine learning fairness" by Marcin Paszkiewicz

Marcin Paszkiewicz (Software Engineer at Google Zürich)

Marcin Paszkiewicz"I will introduce the concept of machine learning fairness, talk a bit about its importance and I will give tl;dr for some of the papers listed here: https://developers.google.com/machine-learning/fairness-overview."






Q&A / Open discussion:

Moderator: Davor Ljubenkov


Meetup Recording:


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