eITT 2019 - Siemens Healthcare

Event Description

This is Hasnat Riad, EIT Digital masters student in ITA from Sorbonne University Paris. As an Innovative Think Tank fellow, it would be my pleasure to share this upcoming event of ITT with you.


Innovation Think Tank, part of the Chief Technology Office of Siemens Healthineers, is organizing its annual external exhibition (eITT 2019) on 11th July 2019, at its headquarters in Erlangen, Germany. The event focuses on open innovation and co-creation in the area of healthcare. Best practices at our various ITT locations and collaborations along with applicants from other institutions, startups and industries will be presented. Annually nearly 200 Innovation Think Tank Fellowships* are awarded to participants from various universities and research institutions giving them the opportunity to work on interdisciplinary projects at ITT locations worldwide. Open innovation projects worked on by the ITT participants and external applicants can be nominated for eITT 2019. In the past years up to 40 project teams took part in the annual exhibition. The top five teams will be recognized based on an evaluation by the guest jury including Dr. Peter Schardt, Chief Technology Officer of Siemens Healthineers.


Project submission categories:

• Open innovation and co-creation platforms and best practices,

• Healthcare system of the future

• Hospital of the future

• Precision medicine

• Patient experience

• Lab diagnostics of the future

• Knowledge management

• OR of the future

• 3D printing

• Machine learning

• Innovations in consumer electronics

• How to improve quality of human life

• Next generation IT (Apps for medical devices)

• Green hospitals

• Scientific improvement e.g. cardio and neuro imaging

• Medical devices of the future

• Ideas demonstrating cost reduction in medical devices and healthcare systems

• Disruptive innovation processes and methodologies

• System simulators

• People management best practices

• Industry 4.0 applications in Healthcare etc



Send your proposal for eITT 2019 as PDF to innovationthinktank.team@siemens-healthineers.com including:

- Challenge / Goal of the project

- Current state of art

- How the challenge is addressed today

- Proposed solution, design or visualization (if created)

- Description of any prototype or model or simulation (if existing)

- Benefits of the current solutions.

No page limit and no restriction of formatting. Please also note that this is public event so clarify any IP issues with your organization.



• Application deadline for applicants for project presentation at eITT 2019: 15th May

• Finalist announcement: 20th May

• eITT 2019 Event: 11th July

Event Date
Event Location
Erlangen, Germany