Digital identity in the 21st century

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Our digital identity is fragmented and mostly owned by governments and big corporations. Our digital footprint let them uniquely identify us and even trace our daily habits. Our digitalized world is becoming scarier if you consider how much information we put over the internet. It’s worth trying to stay on top of how you handle your personal information and know what is at stake. In this tech talk, we will discuss Digital identity in the 21st century, its challenges and the way forward. We will look at the evolution of the digital identity and the need for a user-centric identity where a user is a self-sovereign. We will discuss the principles of self-sovereign identity and how blockchain technology can help us move in that direction.

In addition to this event, you will have the opportunity to spice up the program with what you have been working on professionally or otherwise. We will give you a chance to share with us your work, improve on your pitching skills and learn from each other. This marathon pitch will be timed for 5 mins only: take advantage of this opportunity! Some of you might hold a talk or workshop during our Annual Meeting in Porto - see this as a training for the bigger event :)

Please fill out this form to secure your spot and slot. After the end of spending 2 hours together, we will have some pizza and drinks and continue with more networking. Should you have any questions concerning this event, please do not hesitate to reach out to Bobo.

We are looking forward to having you all in Eindhoven!

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EIT Digital The Netherlands CLC