Challenges of IoT and Blockchain in Europe

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On September 14, EIT Digital Italy will welcome the new batch of Master School students and introduce them to our ecosystem. REGISTER NOW!

Attendees will then have the pleasure to listen to a keynote talk by Xin Hu, one of our Alumni and CEO and co-founder of MatchX, a company manufacturing superior LPWAN hardware and software and delivering comprehensive reporting solutions with blockchain - now valued at between 10 to 20 million dollars! They have just closed fundrasing and - guess what - are looking for new talents!

Below the preliminary agenda:

  • 11.00 - Welcome to EIT Digital
  • 11.10 - The Master School 
  • 11.25 - The CLC spaces and our services
  • 11.35 - The EIT Digital Alumni
  • 11.45 - Innovation Talk by Xin Hu, EIT Digital Alumnus, CEO and co-founder of MatchX

    "Challenges of IoT and Blockchain in Europe"

    ABSTRACT: Blockchain technology has been transforming the financial industry and has created a new crypto-economy in the last decade. The founding concepts, such as decentralized trust and distributed ledger, are promising for distributed and large-scale Internet of Things (IoT) applications. However, the applications of Blockchain beyond cryptocurrencies in this domain are few and far between because of the lack of understanding and inherent architectural challenges. In this talk, MatchX CEO Xin Hu describes the opportunities for applications of blockchain for the IoT and examines the challenges involved in architecting Blockchain-based IoT applications.

    BIO: Xin Hu has been in IoT industry since 2010: he developed several IoT protocols and projects that won prizes globally. Engaged with IOTA since 2016, he applied LPWAN to Blockchain first over the world.
  • 12.45 - Networking Lunch

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