Alumni Workshop at high altitude

Event Description

After failing to arrange such an event in 2020 due to the COVID-19 outbreak, our Trento local community is trying to organize once again an adventurous meetup outdoors

Join us for a 2/3h-long hike in the beautiful mountains of Trentino, enjoy a great lunch altogether, make the most of the Italian sun (but bring a hat, please!), breathe some fresh air, and take part in an enriching workshop held by our “visiting” Alumna, Darya Kamkalova, titled: “Intrapreneurship: Creating career growth opportunities”.

More in detail:

WHERE: We will be evaluating various options for the hike, all 15’ far from Trento town. Here you can find some:

WHEN: On the weekend of April 9th - 10th. Closer to the date, we will decide which day to choose, also depending on the weather forecast. In case of bad weather we will reschedule the event to the next available date. We will ideally meet 9:30am, but the timing depends on the chosen location. 

WHAT: Hike, food, networking between us, board games, workshops.

HOW: to register for the event and remain updated, please join our “Trento Alumni group” on Telegram and just text us there. Alternatively, feel free to email Franz!

Event Date
Event Location
TBD, near Trento, Italy