Alpine Talks (Postponed)

Event Description

*UPDATE: Due to COVID-19 outbreak, this event has been postponed until further notice. Please fill in the Doodle for tentative dates.

Our Alumni community in Trento is planning an adventurous weekend meetup outdoors! Join us for a short hike (1.5-2h), having a great lunch all together, enjoying talks in the sun, as well as doing some open-air activities and games. The date has yet to be decided, so please vote for your preferred dates in this Doodle by Wednesday 26.2 the latest!

In summary:

  • WHERE: We are evaluating various options. Ideally Monte di Mezzocorona / Maranza or others, but we are also open to more suggestions!
  • WHEN: Let’s pick a date all together on the Doodle poll. Please also use “if needed be” if not the best option for you
  • WHAT: Hike, food (covered by the Foundation), networking between us, fun activities, talks / workshops. We already have some backup talks, but… Have one in mind? Would you like to give a talk/workshop? Just email us!
Event Date
Event Location
Monte di Mezzocorona