FAQs about organizing events

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We want to give all our members the chance to organize an event on behalf of the EIT Digital Alumni community. For this reason, we have prepared some simple guidelines to support the planning, coordination and promotion of alumni initiatives. We invite you to take some time and read this page thoroughly, in order to make your event a success! 

    Why do the EIT Digital Alumni organize events?

    The mission of the Alumni Foundation is to bring our members together and keep them connected to the EIT Digital ecosystem, even if they are no longer formally part of it. To achieve this goal, we encourage our local communities to reunite people in various events and meetups for the alumni who are living in the same location or sharing a similar daily context.


    Why should I volunteer to organize or help with local events?

    • You get pre-invited to the Annual Meeting and other special events
    • You acquire new professional skills and expand your network
    • You give visibility to your company, startup or personal projects
    • You bring friends together and give back to the community


    What kind of events can I organize?

    These are some examples of possible events you can do in your city. However, we are more than happy to receive proposals for different types!

    • TALK: An entrepreneur, a researcher, a member of our community working at a cool company etc. gives a presentation about their innovative technology, research or their lessons learnt. Participants can listen, ask questions and enjoy networking drinks straight after. Find examples of previous talks here and here.
    • WORKSHOP: Train participants on technical subjects or soft skills. Invite an expert (or one of our Alumni) to teach attendees practical concepts that could enhance their careers. See examples of such workshops here and here.
    • PROFESSIONAL NETWORKING: There are so many members of our community around you! Do you know them all? Set up an informal gathering to strengthen the local group, share professional experiences and stories over a more relaxed setup and, who knows, ideate on future events in town. Examples of previous Social Gatherings can be viewed here and here.
    • COMPANY VISIT: This is particularly interesting if your company is hiring or launching a new product. Arrange a visit to a tech firm, or invite the Alumni over to your company: show them the spaces, and enjoy some great networking, as was already done here.
    • HACKATHON: We are still tech people, and several of us love developing stuff. And all our website is open-source: Meet with other Alumni who love coding and build new features or fix bugs, we provide food and drinks ;) Here you find the first hackathon we organized on our website. Of course, hackathons can also be on other topics, or more business-oriented or challenge-focused, like the Startup Days.
    • CO-SPONSORED EVENT: Our community has a great pool of talents and resources that you should definitely engage with. How about an event jointly sponsored by your company and the EIT Digital Alumni? You can co-brand it with your company logo and offer your spaces as venue. Also, speakers could directly come from such a partnership. See an example here.


    Which kind of events can the Alumni Foundation financially support?

    We consider that an event or initiative is worth funding if it delivers value to the EIT Digital Alumni community. That value is justified when the event fulfills one or more of the following goals:

    • Connecting the members of our network to each other, in a professional networking context
    • Keeping the members of our network engaged with the EIT Digital ecosystem
    • Connecting the members of the EIT Digital Alumni network to other KIC's and the broader EIT Alumni community
    • Developing further the technical, managerial and social skills of our community members
    • Giving opportunities to apply for jobs or recruit employees among our members
    • Offering funding and other resources to develop the business ventures of our alumni


    What is the estimated budget for event expenses?

    The Alumni Foundation can cover all expenses associated with your event, up to a reasonable amount. Budget is allocated flexibly with a reference of max. €300/event and we evaluate your funding requirements based on the following criteria:

    • Potential value it provides to the alumni community (as described above)
    • Background profile and relevance of the main speaker(s)
    • Involvement of external parties, such as companies or research institutions
    • Opportunities to get sponsors or develop new partnerships for the Foundation
    • Location, i.e. cost of living
    • Estimated number of participants, especially full alumni


    Do I need specific skills or expertise to apply?

    Nope, you only need the motivation! Even better, the Alumni Board and Local Community volunteers can help you throughout all the organization phases. 


    What steps should I follow before, during and after the event?

    You can find more in-depth instructions and tips HERE.

    Last updated: 3. March 2020