EIT Digital Alumni Hackathon, Wien, Austria

Event Description

EIT DIGITAL Alumni coming from different backgrounds and courses of study, will be divided into teams that will compete in a challenge focused on the issues of the digital transformation, and specifically on how it is affecting the future ways of work and talent development.
The methodological approach foreseen is that of co-creation, the practice of collaborating with other stakeholders to guide the design process.
The teams, with the support of mentors, will have to outline a project based on one (or more) of these tools and technologies:

  • Collaborative board
  • Metaverse
  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality

All projects will be developed in a 2 days hackathon and pitched at the end of the weekend in front of a jury composed by the president of the Alumni association, a Talent Garden representative and a representative of local startups and partners.
Throughout the creative process, each team will be supported by experienced design thinking tutors and mentors so that it is able to concretely develop its idea and submit it by the deadline.
The purpose of the challenge is to promote the culture of innovation in the startup ecosystem and provide a valuable training opportunity for the Alumni involved.
Moreover, the event will represent a significant practical training not only on idea incubation approaches, but also on design thinking techniques and co-creation methodology.

Who should participate?

EIT Digital Alumni from all academic areas can compete individually or in teams to tackle the digital transformation challenge posed by the hackathon. The participants should have a diverse background of tech, business, raw materials, IT, health, climate tech, urban mobility, food tech, digital manufacturing/industry 4.0 and design, which means that each team should have a good mix of different skills, expertise and academic backgrounds.
This event is both a single and team participation hackathon: participants can either invite their friends to form a team or they can participate as an individual. In the second case they would be added to a specific team.
During the first day, alumni from all academic backgrounds will receive a brief introduction to the predominant trends in digital innovation as well as practical examples of business innovation tools that have revolutionized the business in recent years.
Once heterogeneous and multi-functional teams are created, applicants will be expected to create innovative solutions using the methodological approach of co-creation.


Saturday 26th

The first day will open with an introductory speech which will provide participants with a contextual view of the challenge and goals of the event.
After the introduction, the final division of the participants into teams will be defined, giving the chance to start developing their ideas and projects with the support of dedicated mentors.

Sunday 27th

The second day will be dedicated to the development of the project and, by the late afternoon, to pitching it in front of the mentors and jury.
Complementary breakfast and lunch are part of the event

How to join?

Fill in the form on the web-site

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