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Welcome to the Career Cafe - Shaping Your Professional Journey! 🌟

Are you a fresh graduate (< 5 years after graduating) stepping into the crossroads of uncertainty, or an experienced senior alumni ready to share your valuable insights? Join us at the Career Cafe, an exclusive online event tailored to guide graduates and connect them with seasoned mentors.

For Graduates (< 5 years after graduating)

  • ✨ Embark on an Exciting Journey: Explore the crossroads of uncertainty and find your career compass.
  • 💬 Dynamic Group Discussions: Engage in small group talks covering career paths, interviews, and more.
  • 🔄 Rotating Sessions: Switch groups every 10-15 minutes to maximize exposure to diverse perspectives.

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For Mentors (Experienced Alumni)

  • 🌟 Be a Mentor for One Night: Share your valuable experiences in an informal virtual gathering.
  • 💡 Insightful Discussions: Guide young graduates in discussions about career paths, networking, and interviews.
  • 🔄 Dynamic Rotation: Switch groups every 10-15 minutes for a diverse mentoring experience.

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🌐 Why Join the Career Cafe?

  • For Graduates: Gain insights, soak in success stories, and build meaningful connections to shape your career journey.
  • For Mentors: Share your experience, make a meaningful impact on the next generation, and contribute to an informal and supportive networking environment.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to gain insights, absorb success stories, and ignite your professional journey. Join us at the Career Cafe – where careers are guided, stories are shared, and success is celebrated! ☕️🌟

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