Mohamed Hamza

Motivation for applying to this position

Hey guys! I am Hamza, currently live in Berlin. I did my EIT digital master school in the period of 2018-2020, I studied at TU Berlin as the entry uni then completed my degree at KTH. I am very excited to express my interest in the Outreach & Partnerships Officer position at the EIT Digital Alumni Foundation.

As a data engineer at Netlight Consulting, I have had the opportunity to work in an organization that values networking, communication, and connections to people. I have always been passionate about attending tech events and networking with people to share knowledge and build relationships. These experiences have instilled in me the importance of building and maintaining strategic partnerships with external third parties, which I believe would be a valuable asset in the Outreach & Partnerships Officer role.

Moreover, my background as a teacher at KTH and in a High school back home in Egypt (as a software development and IT teacher), as well as a fitness coach at Beat81, has given me the confidence and courage to interact with people and foster strong relationships. Through coaching classes of up to 30 people, I have learned how to communicate effectively, build trust, and motivate others. As a result, I believe I would be able to engage with members of the Foundation and external partners in a way that adds value to both parties.

In my previous role at AIESEC, I was responsible for reaching out to NGOs to establish contracts and sponsorships that helped grow the organization. This experience allowed me to develop a strong understanding of negotiation tactics and how to identify mutual benefits that could be gained through collaboration.

Overall, I am confident that my passion for networking, communication, and building strategic partnerships, combined with my previous experiences, make me a strong candidate for the Outreach & Partnerships Officer position at the EIT Digital Alumni Foundation. Thank you for considering my application.

Mohamed Hamza

Vision and plans for the community

As the Outreach & Partnerships Officer, I would leverage my passion for networking and building relationships to strengthen the Foundation's ties with external third parties. My vision is to establish a thriving community of EIT Digital alumni who are connected, engaged, and inspired to make a positive impact in the world. To achieve this, I plan to focus on two key areas:

  1. Digital Engagement: I have a lot of experience using social media and creating reels. I plan to leverage these skills to create engaging digital content that showcases the accomplishments of our alumni and highlights the benefits of being a member of the EIT Digital Alumni Foundation. This content will be shared across multiple social media platforms to increase our visibility and reach a wider audience.

  2. Event Sponsorships: I will use my experience in negotiation tactics to identify and secure sponsorships for EIT Digital Alumni Foundation events. By partnering with external third parties, we can create meaningful experiences for our members and foster deeper connections with our sponsors. These sponsorships will not only provide financial support for our events but will also increase the visibility and reputation of the Foundation.

Why people should vote for me

 I believe my positive mindset and ability to inspire and motivate others make me a great candidate for this role. I am well-known in the EIT Digital Alumni community for my positivity, and I always try to approach challenges with a can-do attitude. With my experience in creating and managing successful partnerships, as well as my skills in social media and content creation, I am confident that I can bring fresh ideas and energy to the table. By voting for me, you can help bring a new level of positivity and enthusiasm to the EIT Digital Alumni community.

Tell us more about your past experience and involvement with the EIT Digital Alumni

During my time at EIT Digital, I have attended numerous events in Stockholm (at KTH Kista) and in deep hack hackathon Berlin where I took 2nd place. I had the opportunity to attend the 2019 Annual Meetup at Porto(excited to join the meetup this year too in Madiera) and a Meetup in Helsinki after the Junction Hackathon. Through these events, I have formed many friendships with EIT students and have built a strong network here in Berlin. We stay in touch and regularly meet up to exchange ideas and experiences. This experience has not only helped me build valuable connections but also broadened