Konrad Kleeberger

Motivation for applying to this position

Hello, I am Konrad and would be eager to be part of the EIT Alumni Board. I think we are in a good position compared to many other Alumni groups, want to make sure that it continues like this and build on the legacy of the people who came before. Thank you all for your great work.

Vision and plans for the community

I am all in for more collaboration with other KIC Communities to get the most out of it for all of us. Another point I would be eager to explore is to foster more informal and professional connection within the community.

Why people should vote for me

With the work experience I gathered since graduating from EIT Digital in 2019 in an international team, I feel confident enough that I can fulfill the requirements of the position. I led several projects and co-managed a small team. ✅

Tell us more about your past experience and involvement with the EIT Digital Alumni

I helped out at the Kickoff in Paris, participated in the co-living in Fuerteventura and a couple of get together in Paris.