A few questions to Alessandro Tomasi on what it means to be the Treasurer of the Board.

  1. Why have you applied for this position?
    After a couple of years working full time in a corporation, I missed the atmosphere of the EIT Digital network. I saw the Alumni board as a good opportunity to get involved again.

  2. How does your typical week look like?
    There's hardly a typical week, except the first few of the new year where I have to check everything related to the previous year and submit a financial report to EIT Digital. 
    During ordinary operations I keep our internal accounting in check and I make sure bills and reimbursements are paid on time.
    I maintain contacts with our accountants, who maintain the book with legal validity of our Foundation, and with EIT Digital, which funds us.


  3. Share some takeaways of your two-year journey!
    Actively attending the events in the network and connecting with the broader EIT Alumni community has been eye-opening. I will take with me the experience of reaching strategic decisions in an agile and distributed team: working with the board has been fantastic even though, I warn you, sometimes your weekend is taken over by meetings.


  4. Who should apply to this position, and why?
    Anyone who is not afraid of receipts, spreadsheets and numbers: you're going to spend a lot of time with them! 
    Besides this, having an interest in understanding finance, accounting and legal obligations of the Foundation which is registered as a Belgian NGO
    Most importantly, however, is being proud of the educational or entrepreneurial path you have completed and have a desire to have your study path recognized at a global level.


Interested in this position? Apply now to be the next Treasurer, or ask Alessandro more info!