Success Stories

"Deafness is an invisible disability."
“There’s nothing more important to humans than health.”
“There was no eureka moment, just lots of hard work.”
Ellure Team
"People often think we’re a cosmetics company, but we’re much more than that."
Balazs intro image
"I want to help others to create impact."
Jan Jaap de Groot Photo
Building a social startup in the magical world of apps for visually impaired people.
DriveTrust exhibited at RISE conference
DriveTrust, now an H2020 funded startup based in Rennes, France, was started from an idea of Roman Prytkov and Tolga Varol had when they were in an EIT Digital Summer School.
Toomas Kallioja
Toomas' startup, Rentle, has raised 250,000€ as part of a pre-seed investment round
Wilfried Dron
Eureka moment during EIT Digital Doctoral School leads to promising startup
Julia Wache
Julia has co-founded feelSpace, a company producing a vibrotactile compass belt for visually impaired people
Have you ever seen any community grow exponentially in under 2 years?
Dora among the 30 semi-finalists of the "European Social Innovation Competition"
match x team
EIT Digital Alumnus Xin Hu, co-founded his own European company, MatchX, that now is valued at between ten to twenty million dollars.
EIT Digital students score second runner up in JA Europe Enterprise Challenge with bargoer app
Yue & Tianchi
How an idea led to a business with 135 employees and millions of euros in funding.