A few questions to Sandip Pandey on what it means to be the Secretary of the Board.

  1. Why have you applied for this position?
    After attending the Annual Meeting 2017 in Brussels, I discovered the EIT Digital Alumni as a network of talented people with diverse backgrounds and felt like to stay connected with the community. During the election time, a friend encouraged me to apply for this position. Looking at the opportunities and responsibilities, I felt like they fitted me well. As a Secretary to the board, I expected to meet a lot of alumni from the network, learn how to organize meetings and events and do better management of time. I thought I could contribute to operate and grow the community and grow the professional network at the same time by being a Secretary.

  2. How does your typical week look like?
    We have a weekly meeting, almost every Tuesday, where we discuss the progress from the last week and the todos and the future activities. Depending upon the time of the year and the activities ahead, the agendas vary. It is an important part to document the discussions at the meeting - so keeping minutes, agendas and reminders for the future meetings is one of my responsibilities. Other than that, I help out with the development activities of the website, check for security issues, bug fixes, plan for future features and once a month prepare a fresh mailing list for the newsletters with the President.


  3. Share some takeaways of your two-year journey!
    It has been an amazing two years of my life. Attended several board meetings and events, had the opportunity to meet a range of talented people with different backgrounds and perspectives in different cities broadening my professional network.
    Learnt about planning, preparing and organising meetings and events. Built up confidence in public speaking and networking.
    One of the benefits of being a board member I think I had was to get to know the broader EIT Alumni network more closely by meeting their board members, understanding their vision, attending their events and learning from them.


  4. Who should apply to this position, and why?
    I think an open mindset and commitment to learn and contribute to the operation of the board and the alumni community is important for anybody who wants to apply to this position. There are things that you can learn and get better with time but you need to have commitment to put time and effort into it which can be hard sometimes. Overall, it is a nice position to have since you’ll be the one after President to have a broader view on what’s happening in the community which I think is cool.


Interested in this position? Apply now to be the next Secretary, or ask Sandip more info!