Marketing & Communications Officer

A few questions to Tiziano Antico on what it means to be the Marketing & Communications (MarCom) Officer of the Board.

  1. Why have you applied for this position?
    I am very grateful for the big life-changing opportunity I have had by joining the EIT Digital programme some years ago. Why not giving something back to all the mates involved in this amazing community? Being part of the Alumni organization made me be part of a kind of “startup environment” which has definitely contributed to my professional and personal growth.

  2. How does your typical week look like?

    1. SMM and cross-platform communication: plan and prepare engaging content regarding events, opportunities, promotions offered by our Foundation. Weekly post the contents on the social media channels such as: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram & Telegram;

    2. Define and plan social media marketing campaigns: find creative and new ways to engage with the members of the Alumni community, as well as acquiring new members and people/organisations that want to contribute to our mission;

    3. Identify contents which fit into the Foundation’s mission: look for new initiatives that can be joined by our members and identify success stories which can inspire our community;

    4. Support the growth of the organization: by giving feedback, sharing ideas and improvements together with the other members of the board.

  3. Share some takeaways of your two-year journey!
    I did not realise how demanding could be joining this Foundation two years ago. Even though all is done on volunteering basis, you end up working in a team. Every single member counts and you really have to be motivated to make something great for the community. It is amazing to see how much we have grown in just a couple of years: the workflow has been defined better, the tasks given to each board member have become clearer and the community members have increased in number.
    I ended up learning important soft skills, such as: organisation, time-management, creativity and flexibility. I am sure my career will benefit from them.
    Moreover, being involved in such a vibrant environment made it possible to join several initiatives and networking events within the network.


  4. Who should apply to this position, and why?
    Are you an organised, creative and passionate social media geek? Do you want to “give back” to the members of this vibrant community by daily engaging with them? Then … it’s a match! ;)


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