FAQs - Annual Meeting 2019

Who can attend the event and what are the selection criteria?

Given the limited spots available, full Alumni members (i.e. graduates and former employees) have the highest priority, with registration opening on February 15. We strongly recommend that you register as soon as possible, as we can currently guarantee only 100 participants to attend the event - on a first-come, first-served basis.
Registration for Associate members (i.e. 2nd year students and Summer School participants), Potential members (current students and employees) and Friends of EIT Digital opened on February 23.

Where can I find the preliminary programme?

We will keep updating this page

When do applications close?

Applications close on March 1 (the organizing team reserves the right to extend this deadline).

What is required in order to participate?

You are requested to complete the registration form on the Eventbrite (the amount will be refunded a few days after the event, if you show up and attend the event). The whole registration process will take approximately 20-30 minutes.

How much does the registration cost?

The registration's cost depends on your chosen room/bed for 3 nights (see all rates on the Eventbrite page) - and it comes with all the services mentioned in the "What does the registration include?" section (see below). We simply add a 100€ deposit fee on top. But the room's cost (i.e. the price for 3 nights, without the deposit fee) is the only amount you will PAY when checking in at the property.

So... Why do I have to pay on Eventbrite?

We ask you to pre-pay the room's cost + 100€ deposit fee on Eventbrite, in order to confirm your attendance at the event, so we can fully rely on your registration and give you the best event experience ever. This is a way of keeping everyone fully accountable for the occurring expenses. The whole pre-paid amount will be reimbursed few days after the event has ended. If you miss the event, you will lose the deposit!

Can you make an example?

Sure. Let's say I decide to get a bed in a Triple private room.

  • I complete the Eventbrite registration, by locking 219.78€ (119.78€ for the room, 100€ deposit fee);
  • When checking in at the property, I physically pay the room's cost, i.e. 119.78€.
  • Few days after the event is over, I get the 219.78€ back on my credit card.

Can I choose with whom to stay in my room?

Sure! Just pick the type of dorm/room you are interested in. Then, you will be able to indicate who you'd like to share it with later on in the registration process. We will do our best to fulfill all requests!

Hmm, what are the room rates again?

The rates below - which can be found on the Eventbrite page - are meant for a 3-night stay:

  • 38.16€ for a bed in the 12-bed Dorm;
  • 38.16€ for a bed in the 8-bed Dorm;
  • 41.34€ for a bed in the 6-bed Dorm;
  • 50.88€ for a bed in the 4-bed Dorm;
  • 100.17€ for a bed in the Quadruple private room;
  • 119.78€ for a bed in the Triple private room;
  • 151.05€ for a bed in the Twin room;
  • 151.05€ for "half bed" in the Queen-bed room;
  • 189.21€ for "half bed" in the Deluxe Queen-bed room;
  • 302.10€ for the whole Queen-bed, single-use room.

All room types can be seen here: www.selina.com/portugal/porto.

OK, great! What happens then after I complete the registration form?

Your application will be reviewed and checked for eligibility, and we will get back to you within 7 days. Please wait for our confirmation email before arranging your trip to Porto. After receiving the confirmation email your spot will be secured, and you will be able to proceed with the arrangement of your trip to Porto.

What happens to my Eventbrite registration after the event?

The "deposit" will be fully reimbursed - if showing up - few days after the event. If you miss the event, you will lose your deposit.

What happens if I cannot attend the event after being accepted?

You can cancel your registration until March 29, and you will immediately get the entire deposit back. Any cancellation after the deadline for reasons of force majeure will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

What if I am not one of the first 100 successful applicants?

Given the limited spots available, the Alumni Foundation cannot guarantee the participation of each member. In case all seats are sold out, a waiting list will be set up. If a seat becomes available, you will be contacted automatically with further instructions on how to get it.

What does the registration include?

The registration includes:

  • 3 nights at Selina Porto (different rates apply);
  • May 2: Welcome Dinner;
  • May 3: Full-Board (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner);
  • May 4: Half-Board (Breakfast, packed lunch & Dinner);
  • May 5: Goodbye Breakfast;
  • Historical City Centre free Walking Tour;
  • Concert, DJ-set, #swag and infinite fun.

What does the registration not include?

The registration does not include:

  • Drinks and extras not mentioned in section above; 
  • Transit from your location to Porto (and back);
  • May 4: Surfing classes and rental (optional);
  • May 4: Porto Wine Tour with visit to Wine Cellars (optional, 25€).

Which activities may I attend on Saturday? Do I have to attend one?

Of course not, you may also simply not attend any and just spend the day chilling outside or at the beach with the rest of the group. However, we will probably organize surfing sessions on the Atlantic Ocean, with surf rental service and proper classes. Let us know on the Eventbrite if you would be interested.
Same applies to the Porto Wine Tour with visit to Wine Cellars on Saturday evening: it is totally optional, but let us know if it sounds interesting.

What should I bring?

First of all, bring your business cards with you. There will be plenty of networking opportunities! However, all events are casual and no suit is required.
Then, whether you will be surfing on Saturday or not, we suggest you bring a swimsuit, comfortable and warm clothes, and an umbrella. The weather in Porto in May is indeed quite variable. The average temperature is about 15°C, with high averages of up to 21°C on cloudless days; the lower end reaches a decent 11°C. Light showers pouring over Porto are still frequent during spring. The Ocean temperature is around 17°C, as the warmer tropical currents begin to shift towards this side of the coast, which begins to welcome amateur and professional surfers.

Will the Alumni Foundation pay for my transfer to Porto?

No, the EIT Digital Alumni will not pay nor arrange your trip to Porto. However, do not hesitate to contact us should you require any information regarding your transfer.

Any suggestions on how/when to reach Porto?

We highly suggest you travel to Portugal on Thursday morning (May 2) the latest, so to be in Porto at around 2 pm - when the Historical City Centre Walking Tour starts. 
Use Google Flights to check the best combination of airports to flight to/from. If you fly to Lisbon you can take a 4h-bus or a 3h-train to Porto (~10-25€ via BusRadar). If you fly directly to Porto, you can easily reach the venue by public transport from the airport.

May I attend only specific sessions or days of the event?

Not really. The event comes as a whole. Partial attendance for reasons of force majeure will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Am I required to take holidays from my work to attend this event?

Maybe. But we encourage you to show your employer this invitation letter and - hopefully - they will grant you a day permit. In addition, May 1 is Bank holiday in most European countries, and Portugal is such an amazing country you might consider coming some days in advance or staying longer in the area, so that flights might also be cheaper!

Any more questions?

Please contact us at alumni@eitdigital.eu or message us at m.me/digitalumni.