FAQs - Annual Meeting 2018

Who can attend the event and what are the selection criteria?

Given the limited spots available, full Alumni members (i.e. graduates and former employees) have the highest priority. We strongly recommend that you register as soon as possible, as only the first 75 90 members to register will get their participation fee waived.
Registrations for Associate members (i.e. second year students and Summer School participants), Friends of EIT Digital and first year students will open on February 18.

When do applications close?

Applications close on March 3 (the organizing team reserves the right to extend this deadline).

What is required in order to participate?

You are requested to complete the registration form of the Eventbrite, and pay a deposit of 130€ (which partially covers your participation fee, and will be returned at show-up).

Why do I have to pay a deposit?

We ask you for a deposit in order to confirm your participation in the event, so we can fully rely on your registration, plan accordingly and give you the best event experience ever. As this event is mainly funded by European taxpayers money, this is a way of keeping everyone fully accountable for the occurring expenses.

What happens after I complete the registration form?

Your application will be reviewed and checked for eligibility, and we will get back to you within 72 hours. Please wait for our confirmation email before arranging your transfer to Trento. After receiving the confirmation email your spot will be secured, and you will be able to proceed with the arrangement of your trip to Trento.

What happens to my deposit after the event?

The deposit will be fully reimbursed after you show up at the event. If you miss the event, you will lose your deposit.

What happens if I cannot attend the event after being accepted?

You can cancel your registration until March 25, and you will immediately get the entire deposit back. Any cancellation after the deadline for reasons of force majeure will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

What if I am not one of the first 75 90 successful applicants?

Given the limited spots available, the Alumni Foundation cannot guarantee the participation of each member. In case all tickets are sold out, a waiting list will be set up.
If a ticket becomes available, you will be contacted automatically with further instructions on how to get it. In case this happens, this spot might not be covered by the Foundation. Thus, if accepted, you will still need to pay a deposit of 130€ (which will be returned at show-up), but you may be asked to also cover your participation fee (amounting to 180€). Meanwhile, however, we will try to cover your participation fee via a sponsorship (which you can help us find).

What does the participation fee include?

The participation fee includes:

  • 2 nights at AlpHoliday Hotel****;

  • Private bed in a 3 or 4 people room;

  • Transit to and from Dimaro;

  • 2 Traditional Gourmet Dinners at the hotel;

  • Wellness area and SPA (with personal towel);

  • 1 Networking Lunch;

  • 3 breakfasts;

  • 1 Explorers' Dinner at MUSE;

  • Night activities and dinner at MUSE;

  • 1 night at MUSE (Bring Your Own Sleeping-bag / blanket);
  • Concert, DJ-set, #swag and infinite fun.

What does the participation fee not include?

The participation fee does not include:

  • Transport from your location to Trento (and back);

  • Packed Lunch on Sunday (€ 8.00);

  • Visitor’s tax (€ 3.60);

  • Outdoor activity of your choice (optional);

  • Alternatives to the night at MUSE (optional, if you don't feel like sleeping on a mat next to a whale skeleton);
  • Upgrade to double room (optional, € 20,00 per person per day, limited number available);

  • Upgrade to single room (optional, € 60,00 per person per day, limited number available).

Which outdoor activities may I attend on Sunday? Do I have to attend one?

Of course not, you may also simply not attend any and just spend the day chilling outside or at the SPA. However, we have struck a deal for 20% OFF on all their activities. Let us know on the Eventbrite which ones you would be most interested in.

What should I bring?

Regardless of the outdoor activity you will choose for Sunday afternoon, we suggest you bring a swimsuit, and comfortable and warm clothes. All events are casual.
If you plan to spend the night at the museum (and are comfortable sleeping on a mat next to a whale skeleton), please also bring your own sleeping bag or blanket.

Will the Alumni Foundation pay for my transfer to Trento?

Unfortunately, the EIT Digital Alumni will not pay nor arrange your trip to Trento. However, do not hesitate to contact us should you require any information regarding your transfer.

Any suggestions on how to reach Trento?

We would highly suggest you travel to Italy on Friday evening, or on Saturday early morning the latest, so to be in Trento at around 2 pm. On the official brochure you can find more information about which airports to fly to (use skyscanner.com and in “TO” input “Italy”, then open all the results and check the best combination). Once there, follow Google Maps' instructions or use busradar.com and show all trains, buses and shared rides (via blablacar.com) to finally get to Trento.

May I attend only specific sessions or days of the event?

Not really. The event comes as a whole. Partial attendance for reasons of force majeure will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Am I required to take holidays from my work to attend this event?

Maybe. But we encourage you to show your employer this invitation letter and - hopefully - they will grant you a day permit. In addition, May 1 is Bank holiday in most European countries. However, Italy is such a beautiful country that we suggest you spend some more days in the area, so that flights might also be cheaper!

Any more questions?

Please contact us at alumni@eitdigital.eu or message us at m.me/digitalumni.