Events Officer

A few questions to Tamunomiebaka Dibi (a.k.a. Bobo) on what it means to be the Events Officer of the Board.

  1. Why have you applied for this position?
    I idolize the mission and all that our Alumni stand for, and I wanted to be part of this continued growth and development. I have had a candid admiration for EIT Digital, and it afforded me the opportunity to give back to this amazing organization.

  2. How does your typical week look like?
    - Making strategic decisions with other board members.
    - Creating a warm relationship with dedicated members that are known as Local Representatives
    - Grasping and guiding fresh initiatives from local groups and following up on leads.
    - Playing a supporting role in the execution of local events


  3. Share some takeaways of your two-year journey!
    You can't do it alone - working for the board is a team effort as every role is firmly connected. I have been able to build on my professional network and improved certain soft skills such as communication, team building, management, and organizational skills.
    As part of the Board, I have had opportunities also to represent the broader EIT Alumni as an ambassador.


  4. Who should apply to this position, and why?
    An individual with an opened mindset. A person that possesses the power of motivating people. And also has the ability to multitask and welcome every idea thrown towards him/her. And finally commitment, commitment, commitment!!! - can't stress this enough.


Interested in this position? Apply now to be the next Events Officer, or ask Bobo more info!