Election FAQs

What is the EIT Digital Alumni Board?

  • The EIT Digital Alumni Board carries out the operational tasks to accomplish the non-profit purpose and objectives described in Art. 3 and Art. 16 of the Foundation Statutes. It also advises on strategy, with a goal of increasing and enhancing engagement among its network of alumni
  • The EIT Digital Alumni Board is accountable to the Governing Board
  • The EIT Digital Alumni Board is different from the EIT Alumni Board, which gathers the President or a representative of each individual EIT KIC

Who can apply?

  • Alumni members: Graduates of the EIT Digital Master School, graduates of the EIT Digital Doctoral School, or former employees of EIT Digital
  • Master School graduands who fulfill all requirements to get their EIT Digital labelled certificate before July 4th, 2021

Who can vote?

  • Full alumni members with a user account and confirmed graduation status in our portal
  • Summer School participants, associate members, and students without EIT Digital labelled certificate are not eligible for voting

For what period are the new board members elected?

  • All positions are open for one term starting from July 2021 until July 2023

I want to become a board member! Which position(s) can I apply to?

  • If you are eligible to run for elections, you can apply to any vacant board position. According to our Foundation rules, you can be candidate for only one position at a time

I cannot access the application form? Why?

  • You need to login with your EIT Digital Alumni user account to access the application form
  • If you are unable to access the form even after logging in, that means that your account does not have the "full alumni" role. Send an email to alumni@eitdigital.eu to verify your graduation status and upgrade your account

I have graduated but I don't have my EIT labelled certificate yet, can I apply or vote for the Alumni Board?

  • According to our statutes you can only become a full member and apply for the Alumni Board once you have graduated from an EIT Digital Education programme. This is normally proven by obtaining your EIT labelled certificate at the EIT Digital Graduation Ceremony. However, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the cancellation of the 2020 Graduation Ceremony, many recent graduates have not received their EIT Label Certificate yet. As these extraordinary circumstances may prevent many from candidating for the Alumni Board, we have decided to allow the verification of the candidates’ Full Alumni status through other means
  • In case you were supposed to receive your EIT labelled certificate in 2020 and you wish to be a candidate for the Alumni Board, please contact alumni@eitdigital.eu and request your account verfication latest before the start of the voting period on the 17th of April