Teresa Santos Coelho


Events Officer


I have always been a very active person, looking to try new things. When I started my Bachelor I was part of three very different student groups and when I started my Master's with EIT, the situation was no different.

When I was a first year student, I went to Brussels to the first EIT Digital Meeting where I came across this amazing group of people and started to be more and more excited to be part of it. Since then, I been part of the organising teams of the Meetings in Trento and, most recently, in Porto and the EIT Connect in Budapest. I want to be able to continue and be even more active!

Vision for the community

I love how different this community is from anything similar we might have in Europe. The fact that it is rather a young community means also that we are growing together and looking for ways to develop our own identity. Recently, I was told that it was impressive how we were able to get together every year and brigging people from all over just for a few days, which made me incredibly proud of the group I belong to. As such, my vision for this community bases, on the one hand, on the strong bond that we have, as a group, and try to make it grow even more.

Besides, I believe that we should not only invest on the personal aspect of our community, as well as to bring more value to it. This is not only by creating a name to the outside world as well as to the ones that are already in the community and use the tallented people we already have and learn from them.

Why people should vote for me

People should vote for me because I am motivated, will push forward and continue the great work the previous boards have already done! I am a hardworking team-player that is dedicated and eager to learn more, while using my previous experiences, into this role! Last but not the least, more than "giving back", I want to see this community thrive and develop!