Teo Patras


Technology Officer


Let's face it: nobody likes reading huge blocks of text. We're all grateful for every tl;dr summary we find out there. That's why I will spare you the ordeal of having to go through my figures of speech and instead I'll cut to the chase:


The time spent as an EIT Digital student in Berlin and Helsinki was amazing! I loved the positive vibes, the people and networking with them during EIT events all over Europe! I made some meaningful connections with some really interesting people! However, since last year when I left Berlin, I have sadly lost touch with the community. I would like to be again part of it and also give something back! What else to give back if not the thing I'm best at? 

Vision for the community

I envision a larger, more vibrant and better-connected community. How to get there? Good question, I'll have to see what's there to be done once I'm behind the (C)TO wheel.

Why people should vote for me

- 8 years of software engineering experience (full-stack & mobile apps development)

- 3 years of assuming leading positions (team lead / tech lead / product owner)

- experience managing external remote developers (coordinating with outsourcing agencies / freelancers)

- experience working in cross-functional and international teams

- strong communication skills and a positive vibe