Shikhar Singh


Events Officer


EIT Digital has been the single source of inspiration, support & motivation for me right from the time I planned to come to Europe for a masters. EIT-Digital as a community has always been there to act as a support system for me whether it was looking for an internship, dealing with personal frustrations or giving me a couch to sleep on when I was looking for an accommodation in Stockholm. Various alumni, current students and the prospective students eager to join the program all have inspired me in their own way to improve myself a bit more and be a better version of myself.

I am 100% sure anyone and everyone belonging to EIT-Digital would want to give back to this wonderful community, make it better & take it forward. Motivated by the same feeling, I built the Alumni mentorship program in the EIT-Digital community. In this program we have a network of more than 55 Alumni who act as a mentor to current students and help them with all sorts of questions. My experience leading the Alumni mentorship program has been amazing and this serves another motivation for me to be involved in the community more heavily. You can read more into the mentorship program as well.

Vision for the community

My vision for the community is based on my experience working as the lead for Alumni mentorship program and from other volunteer programs I have been involved in the past. I strongly believe that any community is made stronger by its members & by enabling the community members & giving them a platform for their deserved ideas to take shape. Having run the mentorship program, I believe it is about having more and more bottom up initiatives in our alumni community where the members take the driving seat enabled by the board. This is already clear to me through local meet-ups initiative for example.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me to meet-up or to just discuss in details the Ideas I have for the community. J

Why people should vote for me

My strong candidacy is based on 3 pillars that you should look for in any candidate you will vote for, and not just me: 

Commitment to contribute, give back and take the community forward. I have been working in many volunteer initiatives throughout my life be it as a teacher to the underprivileged kids near my home back in India, being a volunteer in Commonwealth games held at the international level or working on Inclusion and diversity topics at my workplace. This has only been possible through my drive to give back & commitment to the different initiatives.

Familiarity with EIT-Digital Alumni. I have already been closely working with the alumni board especially in the scope of Alumni mentorship program and involved in some of the initiatives. I already understand the Alumni ecosystem, its initiatives and structure & its interface to other Alumni organizations in EIT.

Strong experience in running complex projects and bringing them to fruition.In my capacity as a Project Leader at Airbus, I have been leading intricate projects, always pushing them in the right direction making sure they have the intended impact and results. A big part of this project management activity is also bringing people together & understanding people dynamics. I bring all this experience to the table when starting and managing different projects under the EIT-Digital Alumni umbrella.