Sai Kamat


Outreach & Partnerships Officer


I was fortunate to work as a Marketing executive at Berlin-based startup due to Entrepreneurship courses in the first semester. It was here that I first realized the potential of entrepreneurial students with focus on business, can help in the technology industry. I've been grateful to EIT for expanding my horizons and find this as an Outreach and Parterships Officer's post as a perfect opportunity to give back to the community. Secondly I've been inundated with requests from potential students trying to find more information and guidance about the programme. This position will give me a chance to address the issues better and bring more engaging students and prospective partners to our community.

Vision for the community

I've spent considerable time as a student and senior at TU Berlin, and I realize that it's very difficult for students to obtain thesis/internship opportunities. Though there are openings provided over portals like yammer or the alumni digital, there is scope to improve the reach so much more.

I envision an ecosystem or a network of companies comprising of the Alumni cell at the center with the EIT alumni's employer as it's node. E.g. a single point of contact of a person working in Automation testing in some Berlin-based startup becomes a node point for the Alumni cell. A network of many such connections will be a win-win for the cell and the employee. The alumni cell will be able to help its member students find appopriate places for work, offer guidance in finding new opportunities, and the nodal employee stay up to date with emerging talent and work among its contemporaries.

Why people should vote for me

A life travled all over the country with my parents because my father's profession involved multiple transfers gave me the joy of studying in the cities, and spending my vacations in the countryside. I've come to meet and greet people from different walks of life and my life has absorbed different cultural values from different communities, leaving me with an identity that can't be labeled as anything apart from an Indian. I understand the importance of partnering and allying with people of diverse backgrounds to bring together a community can help everyone else. It was with this motivation that I was fortunate to participate in workshops at the EIT Connect this year.

I also enjoyed a multi-disciplinary career where I began as a sales engineer, tasked with scouting clients and traveling to their metaphorical doorsteps to partner with my employer. I was a career workhorse as a software engineer later on, where in addition to coding, I also pitched products to management and new clients regularly. Even in my last two jobs in Berlin, I served as a Marketing executive and a product demonstrator at two different organizations.  The positions I’ve held and the experiences I’ve gained over the years, bolster my aptitude to complete to compete and get the job done. But it cannot be done alone, and I can find the right people to work with.