Mohit Ahuja


Technology Officer


EIT has changed my life for good. When I moved from India at 26 years of age, I was confident but uncertain of what lies in future for me. I thought making friends would be difficult at this age, and surprisingly from this program, I was lucky to find a few of my closest friends who I catch up with regularly. My internship and the job at Scania was also a result of being an alumnus here. So, there has been a positive role of EIT Alumni in recent years, both to my personal as well as my professional life. Starting from a not-so-confident person who used to fear to get on a stage, I happily bloomed into a public speaker these days with so much positivity in my life, EIT made it possible for me. 


As a technology officer, I believe I can repay back my community in more ways than one. I, as a tech hacker, I was always looking for an opportunity like this to come up so that my skill set can be used for good for my own community.

Vision for the community

I am a tech hacker and this presents me with a strong skill set of being a (web) developer as well as a product owner on the same day. In my daily job at Scania, I convert business requirements to a tech product (like our website is), automating stuff which can be. 

Being a user experience thinker, I think user-first and tech-second, trained in HCID at EIT, I believe the website we have can be drastically modernised and be made more exciting. Moving forward I would like to integrate the experience on various platform - Telegram and other communication channels such as Newsletter, Alumni Website, Yammer etc to be made uniform. 

Also, I would like to evaluate going forward if possibly we can integrate EIT Climate and Health with us on some communication platform so we can benefit from their knowledge/updates/opportunities and them from us.

Why people should vote for me

I am one of you, maybe let me say someone just like you. I have a positive personality and let's-do-it attitude towards things. Having actively volunteered at almost all EIT events during my stay in Sweden and Netherlands, and other non-EIT events in Germany, France and Belgium as well. As an alumnus, I keep with the latest and greatest in our community. This chance seemed like a perfect match for me and my tech skill set.

I am now seeking a chance so that I can give back to EIT alumni in a way that can use my technical skills as well.