Mo Soliman


Technology Officer


After obtaining my master degree from EIT digital in HCI back in 2016, I started my journey by exploring different areas of interest. I worked as a research engineer, as a product designer, and finally as a software developer. With the experiences I gained throughout my career, in silicon valley and Europe, I hope to enrich and raise the bar of the EIT digital Alumni network and services provided through different technological means, either our website, or our social networks platforms.

Vision for the community

1- Explore new initiatives for the network that could be guded by technological innovation, such as EIT alumni couchsurfing network.

2- Roadmap for enhancing the user experience of the website, and making it more user friendly and easy to navigate.

3- Streamline the code review and code integration process with external parties

4- Introduce project management tools into the software development process for the tech side of the network.

Why people should vote for me

1- Rich experience in product development, various tech stacks, and software engineering processes. 

2- Experience within different team sizes, as well as previous experience as tech team lead in silicon valley.

3- Enforcing user-centered design methodologies and involve alumni in proposal and design processes.