Mahmoud Khodier




My main motivation to apply for this role is the feeling of belonging with EIT Digital and the Alumni Community. I really appreciate everything EIT Digital offered to me during/after my masters’ study such as the entrepreneurial experience, technical experience, full scholarship package, mobility, networking, conferences/events, and the summer school. During and after my masters with EIT Digital, I made many connections with the EIT Digital’s students and staff in different nodes. I would like to keep participating and contributing in the events and the activities of the EIT Digital Alumni community.

Vision for the community

My vision for the community will be influenced with my passion. I am very passionate about Entrepreneurship and Innovation. I want to support, encourage, and facilitiate the process for all the alumni members to work on new innovative ideas and succeed with developing great companies.

Why people should vote for me

Over the past years, I lived, studied, and worked in Egypt, Germany, Finland, and The Netherlands. This allowed me to get great experienc by working and studying in multi-cultural environments. Last year, I was nominated with my startup project, Slangsh, to the EIT Change Awards 2018. I just finished my Professional Docotorate in Data Science and currently I am working as Entrepeneur In Residence at Antler in Amsterdam trying to build a new company with other great founders.

I always try to be an active alumni member and I am very familiar with the alumni community and its different acitivites. In the past, I used to participate in different events that have been either arranged by EIT Digital Master School, or by the Alumni Community. In October 2015, I was a coach for two days in the Master School Kick Off event that took place in Eindhoven. In April 2016, I participated as a second year student in the EIT Alumni Connect event in Budapest. In December 2016, I participated in the EIT Alumni Startup Days as a founder of one of the projects. In March 2017, I joined as an alumni and speaker at the Annual Alumni Meeting and EIT Digital Annual Conference in Brussels. In October 2017 & 2018, I participated in and co-organized the EIT Alumni Connect in Budapest, particiapted as a nominee in the EIT Change Awards, and coached EIT Digital students in their Kick Off in Finland.