Keira Nicole Soutar AKA Kiki


Outreach & Partnerships Officer


Whilst studying in Stockholm I was part of the Create Squared, Sweden's biggest sustainable business model Hackathon for students, I worked as the Co-IT manager. Although my sole responsibility on paper was to manage the website, sales tickets and technology used during the event. Due to a greater need from the Outreach Manager, I also became co- Outreach Manager to locate the best partnerships for the event. This was really where I was able to help spread my knowledge of the event and the need for a hackathon for all students, from the business and technology side. During the event, I was able to ensure that everyone was well managed and connecting those who either did not have a team or were looking for someone specific to aid where they perhaps lacked skills. Making people feel welcomed and open to make the connections is something I really strived towards creating during this event. Seeing what ideas were created during the weekend demonstrates that this was indeed successful. Connecting with people about a specific topic or idea they are passionate about is something that has always been fun and motivating for me. 


Whilst also at KTH I ran workshops with KTH Giants, a workshop weekend trying to get more teenage girls into STEM, specifically for littleBits. This was a great way to communicate about technology in simple terms. Creating the workshop material from scratch allowed me to gain a better sense of the work that is involved with such events in learning environments. I was also in charge of the KTH Instagram for a week where a weekly agenda and planning was needed to show the users most about what being a student was like in Swedens capital. Connecting with people watching all over the world was key in keeping the week fun but also learning to communicate via online through social media.


Wanting to stay connected and motivated in the EIT community, I found the position of the Outreach & Partnerships Officer most attractive and can really see myself not only in the role but see it as great opportunity to connect with those companies that the EIT community is either lacking in or strengthen the ties we already have! 


Moving to Aalto for the second year I lost this means of connecting with people (event-specific) as I was so stressed with trying to find a thesis and connect with the companies here in Finland, which before seemed so easy when behind the name of a project. Learning this new way of communication and way to collaborate with companies was great to help enhance my means of approachment and really understand that not all situations are the same. As mentioned earlier, I want to connect with those companies that the EIT community is either lacking in or strengthen the ties we already have!


Vision for the community

I really want to ensure that as more and more of us graduate, the being apart of the EIT Alumni Community is automatic and not even a question of 'Should I?'. The ability to still be able to be embraced in our eco-system whilst being on the other side of student life is key. Creating events that help strengthen connections, add value to our already well-educated minds and have fun whilst doing it, is a key factor in my vision of where the EIT Alumni Community committee can be. Growing in numbers is valuable but getting the name and knowledge out there in local events, startups and conferences is key in showing Europe and the world we are some of the best students in Europe in tech. Enhancing/strengthening the partnerships we have and will get, can only help external and stakeholders feel as if the value chain is in a constant loop. Adding value, trust and ability to influence on growth from our members is where I want to see the community push towards. 


Creating events with the correct partners that can help locate opportunities to allow our members to grow is another vision of mine. Creating something like an EIT hackathon with the cases being in relation to how our community perhaps sees the growth of technology for the future. As we are a community, after all, and I would like to see the members be able to also express to which direction they would like to see the alumni go. We are all innovators and push the box with new ideas. I would love to hear and see where you would also like to see this alumni community grow and prosper towards! 

Why people should vote for me

I would love for you to vote for me as I really think I can help add value to the already existing  EIT Alumni Community and board and would be a great Outreach & Partnerships Officer. I am a fun-loving communicator with a passion for making everyone in the room feel welcome! Living in multiple countries throughout my life I learned to understand the means of communication, verbal and non and that not all cultures may be as accepting of a talkative as an international Canadian. I love connecting people at events and learning more about each & everyone in the EIT community. We are all so different yet alike and showcasing that by means of outreach and partnership can really help make the EIT Alumni Community something everyone will want to be apart of! I am hoping that my words have made me seem adaptable, approachable yet creative enough for this position. If I were to be elected I cannot do it without everyone! I would love to hear about who we, as a community, would want to connect with and where we would like it to go. Always here to understand what the people want :)