Jay Nagdeo




EIT Digital has given me the opportunity to not only pursue a double Masters but also improve holistically as a person. For that, I will forever be in debt of EIT Digital. When I was struggling to find incubators and funding for my current startup, I received a lot of support after getting in contact with the Local EIT. Although EIT served as an oasis in this journey, having dealt with it closely, I also realized what it is lacking.

I feel I can use my experiences and learnings from my journey to help evolve the EIT Digital community and help the involved to fulfill their dreams. Talking specifically for the post I applied for, I am an Agile and scrum follower to such a point that I have a scrum board at home for my daily tasks and the post of secretary thus, aligns very well with this particular characteristic. :)

Vision for the community

Increase the number of startups born out of the EIT Digital community

While studying and working on my startup, I realized that there are so many EIT alumni as well as students like me who want to start something of their own. However, the ideas just remain as business development lab projects and nothing comes out of it. In terms of current support from EIT, the EIT accelerator program exists but nothing substantial for early-stage startups/ideas.

I want to tackle this issue by helping alumni and students create teams to make startups, arrange brainstorming sessions for people who don’t have an idea to work on but are willing to get their hands dirty with entrepreneurship, a collaborative platform to find and talk to such like-minded people, etc. This sounds like a difficult goal to achieve but together with the community, nothing is impossible.


Decentralized decision making

I feel every EIT digital graduate is already smart enough as she/he chose EIT digital for their education. I am of the view that some issues can be discussed with the community and then use the feedback and opinions from the alumni in the decision-making process.


Strengthening the community

As the number of students that graduate increases every year, it makes it even more important to make sure everyone becomes a part of the community and stays involved and connected in some way or the other. Moreover, the Inter and Intra local hub collaboration also need to be worked upon.

Why people should vote for me

I have 3+ years of experience in Embedded and IoT product development as well as 1+ years in project management & Business Development and have worked in India, Sweden, United States, and the Netherlands with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Currently, I am working as a software design engineer at ASML in the Netherlands and also co-founded a startup (Lali) that deals with Wildfire Detection and Prediction.

Moreover, I have been giving talks on personal experiences with Entrepreneurship and EIT Digital during the Winter school in Eindhoven for the last 2 years. My experience with industry, research, and startups will be pivotal in the functioning of this community and thus I feel it makes me a suitable candidate for this position.