Ignacio Rodriguez Burgos

Motivation for applying to this position

Hi! This is Ignacio! I am so excited to apply for the Outreach & Partnership Officer position because I have gained some valuable experience in community engagement and partnership building, and I am eager to continue developing these skills in service of the EIT Digital Alumni community.

I understand the importance of maintaining strong ties with fellow international alumni, and I am passionate about creating opportunities for them to connect with each other and with the broader EIT community.
During my students and working life, I have built effective partnerships with community-based organizations and have developed strong communication and interpersonal skills that I believe will be valuable in building relationships with fellow alumni and other stakeholders. I am confident that my experience and enthusiasm will enable me to make a meaningful contribution to the EIT Digital Alumni community in the role of Outreach & Partnership Officer.

Vision and plans for the community

My approach is to build upon the strong foundation established by our former EIT Digital Alumni boards and enhance it further. I have three key proposals to achieve this objective:

  1. Building partnerships: As Outreach & Partnership Officer, I will identify and establish relationships with organizations that share our values and goals, and develop mutually beneficial partnerships that promote collaboration and support innovation and entrepreneurship. I will seek out partnerships with accelerators, incubators, venture capital firms, and other organizations to provide EIT alumni with access to funding, mentorship, and other resources.
  2. Empower alumni leadership: As Outreach & Partnership Officer, I will work to empower alumni leadership and provide opportunities for them to take an active role in the EIT Digital Alumni network. I will work with ambassadors and local representatives to provide training, resources, and support to help them lead local initiatives and events, and to develop their own leadership skills. By empowering alumni leadership, we can create a more vibrant and engaged community that is better equipped to drive innovation and entrepreneurship.
  3. Tailored engagement strategies: To engage alumni globally, I will develop targeted outreach strategies that take into account regional differences and cultural nuances. I will work with ambassadors and local representatives to develop outreach strategies that are tailored to specific regions and communities, and that leverage relevant channels and platforms. e.g. The alumni communities of Madrid and Helsinki have very different ways to interact and organize events due to the aforementioned countries cultural differences.
Why people should vote for me

I am running for the Outreach & Partnership Officer position because I have a strong passion for innovation, entrepreneurship, and community building. With my experience in developing and executing successful outreach and engagement strategies, both as a student leader and as a professional, I am confident that I have the skills to create a more vibrant and impactful EIT Alumni network.
As someone who has been part of the EIT community for several years, I have a deep understanding of the challenges facing the community and the opportunities for growth and collaboration. If elected, I will work diligently to build partnerships, engage alumni globally, and empower alumni leadership to make a positive impact. I am committed to serving the EIT Digital community and believe that my skills and experience make me the ideal candidate for this position.

Tell us more about your past experience and involvement with the EIT Digital Alumni

As an active member of the EIT Digital Alumni Community, I have contributed to its growth and success in several ways. I have provided support to local representatives mainly in Helsinki and punctually in Madrid, assisting them in organizing various events such as networking events, workshops, and seminars. In addition, I initially collaborated with the former Outreach & Partnership Officer to help organize the 2022 graduation party.
Moreover, I have served as an EIT Mentor for 2nd year students at Aalto University, sharing my knowledge and experience with the next generation of innovators and