Dominik Koehler

Motivation for applying to this position

After moving to Helsinki and being close to an EIT Digital Alumni community once more, I want to actively contribute to this community. During my three years as a Student Ambassador, I liked interacting with community members and prospective students. From my point of view, EIT Digital Alumni is a community of alumni who have gone through a great educational program together, and volunteering as an Events Officer is a way to give back to the community and help strengthen its connections even further, after graduating.

Vision and plans for the community

My vision for the EIT Digital Alumni community is to create an active and engaged group of past, current and future members. We should support each other, organize more activities locally through the representative groups, and thus materialize the contribution of the EIT Digital Alumni Board.

One of my main aims would be to grow the alumni network by reaching out to alumni who are not yet active in the community or EIT Digital students who want to join the community after graduation, by communicating more frequently the upcoming events and ensuring information is shared effectively through existing and new communication channels. 

At many local events, presentation slides are created on various topics that could be forwarded through alumni communication channels so that the entire community can benefit. This in turn will foster communication between the various local EIT Digital alumni communities.

Overall, the communication of events, the outcome of those events and community building would be my focus as an Events officer.

Why people should vote for me

In my past volunteer positions, for example at Slush as a Group lead or during my Bachelor's studies as an Events officer, I have collected a lot of experience in how to generate growth within communities and in organizing events of all kinds. 
Increasing the number of events in all local EIT Digital communities and the interaction between alumni is genuinely something I can contribute to.

Tell us more about your past experience and involvement with the EIT Digital Alumni

I have been an EIT Digital Student Ambassador for over 3 years and continued to contribute to the community's growth, answering questions from students, and organizing workshops and online webinars for prospective new students. Currently, I am getting involved in the organization of some local events in Helsinki.