Catarina Allen d'Ávila Silveira

Motivation for applying to this position

To give back to a community that has given me so much and create a fun and safe space for us to continue helping and connecting with each other! Being part of EIT and its amazing community throughout the world, I have gained so many friends, learnt so much about myself and other cultures so I really hope I can give back to it and create the same environment for new generations entering our alumni world!

Vision and plans for the community

I hope to work with an amazing team to create events that will knock your socks off! May it be events for knowledge sharing, for recruiting new generations into our alumni community or whatever may be brewing in the back of your mind… I want to create an environment open to suggestions from each and every one of you so we may turn your wildest dreams into real initiatives!
When I think about the super talented network of EITers I alone know spread across the world, it makes me think EIT has a potential to grow so much more and gain so much visibility! By harnessing the potential of all the companies we have worked at and all the local connections we have made, I think we can put EIT on the map and together with the Partnerships Office get us local sponsors and enablers for our events. But mostly I want to ask you, how do you think I can help our community flourish?

Why people should vote for me

You should vote for me because my friends say I throw the best parties! Jokes aside, I have experience organizing events in different countries at all kinds of scales. I’ve been in non-profit teams for many years organising worldwide Design Conferences, TEDx events, Fundraisings, Meetups in my workplace... I've gained vast experience in making the impossible possible by making arrangements for things such as venues, catering, sponsors, speakers, budgets, logistics… you name it! Can’t wait to translate some of that experience into cool shindings for us! Like many EITers, I have also lived and traveled in many countries across all continents. Each time I find that little EIT niche in different corners of the world it makes me want to grow it and strengthen it even more!

Tell us more about your past experience and involvement with the EIT Digital Alumni

I have been an active part of the EIT Digital community since joining it. From being part if the EIT Band, to being an EIT ambassador, I've had so many opportunities to inspire and be inspired and create new meaningful connections that have been crucial for my career and personal life! Seeing again old friends and making new acquaintices in every EIT Alumni event makes me so hopeful that I will always have this support network to be inspired by