Burak Kelginlioglu


Marketing & Communications Officer


I consider myself very lucky to graduate from EIT Digital Master School. This program contributed to my life with an enormous impact. I believe now it is time for me to give back and be on the board of alumni foundation. Since, I am working in a Martech/Adtech company currently, Marketing & Communications Officer position on the board is the role i can help a lot.

Vision for the community

Alumni foundation has been improved and scaled a lot in the last years thanks to the current and previos board members and everyone who helped to the community. But we can always improve the foundation by reaching out to more potential members, make them excited about being alumni, engage people to be more active in the community, stronger cross collaboration with other EIT foundations and eventually give more benefits to the members.

Why people should vote for me

I am extremely motivated about marketing. I am working in a Martech/Adtech company therefore i already know a lot about marketing. I believe it will be very beneficial for this role on the board.

Additionally, i had many many volunteering experiences. When i was in bachelor, i was volunteer in ESN(Erasmus Student Network), IEEE Student groups and an education foundation.