Alessio Molinari

Motivation for applying to this position

Since I joined the EIT Digital in 2018 I was impressed by its community: friendly, kind and smart people who wanted to make an impact in the society we live in.

I have received so much from the organization, and I now want to give back to the community by being part of the Alumni board. I want to keep the community engaged, because networking is a fundamental part of our professional lives, but also because it’s always good to have friends around Europe and the world.

Vision and plans for the community

I have three points that I would like to work on for these two years:

  • More involvement at local level: I believe that having a community in the place where we live is good to spark ideas and have fun. Plus, we all know the feeling of moving to a new city, and how important it is to have some friends you can count on especially at the beginning, when you don’t know many people :)
  • Online events to keep the community engaged: for instance, I really liked the concept of Tuesdays Afterworks, where we shared our experience and opinions on specific topics.
  • Help organize another co-living: given the amazing success of the one in 2022, I would love to help organize this event once more.
Why people should vote for me

I have always been passionate about tech, but in the last three years, working at the European Central Bank, I have also grown fond of economics and finance, and that is why I am applying for the treasurer role.

I also believe that the experience gained in a large European institution is also useful for the role I am applying for.

Tell us more about your past experience and involvement with the EIT Digital Alumni

I was an EIT Digital master’s student (Data Science track) from 2018 to 2020 in Nice and Stockholm, and I attended my summer school in Helsinki.

I was a student ambassador in 2019-2020, helping newly admitted and applying students to know more about the EIT Digital ecosystem, and promoting the organization with initiatives such as presentations of the study programs in selected universities, and a webinar in March 2020 with other EIT Digital representatives answering students’ questions on the program.

My favorite Alumni initiatives are definitely the annual meetings, if you are going to