Working Groups Meeting 2020 February


Last February 8th and 9th, we gathered the leaders of our Working Groups in Madrid for our annual Working Groups Meeting. We used the time together to refresh the knowledge of our current local representatives about the EIT Digital ecosystem and the Alumni Foundation, as well as to onboard the new local representatives who sent the Working Group Survey explaining the status and plans for their community.

The Board invited Arturo Varona, the head of EIT Digital Master School, to join us. He briefed the collective vision and strategy of the Master School, and carried out open conversations with our local representatives to answer their questions. Kristijan Korać, our Annual Meeting 2020 working group representative, also brought an excellent presentation with the latest updates on the preparations for that event to be held in Split, Croatia.




































We had the pleasure of inviting the alumni-founded company Kimitisik to facilitate two professional workshops. During the first workshop, focused on the Identity and Vision for the EIT Digital Alumni, participants were divided into groups across three areas: Strategy, Values & Culture, and Operational Excellence.

The groups then brainstormed the problems we are currently facing as a community in these areas and what are some possible solutions we can pursue to move forward. Some of the improvement points identified by our local reps were related to Branding, Member engagement, Sustainability & Budgeting, and Communication & Official Guidelines.  

The second workshop dealt with local events that the working groups can organize over this year. Some of the ideas proposed during this session include cross-KIC events, “Fail Nights”, Hackathons, Island Talks, Alpine Talks and even an alumni cruise!

The Board also had the chance to update all attendees with the current state of each Working Group and to do some 1-on-1 talks with the local representatives about the needs of their individual communities. At the same time, the Alumni Board members hosted a "checkpoint crawl" activity with focus group discussions on the topics of Partnerships, Marketing & Communications, Financing, and IT Tools and the alumni Website. 

Special thanks to our alumnus Giovanni Rafael Vuolo for hosting this meeting, as well as to our alumni community in Madrid for helping us arrange the social programme!

As always, your Board is ready and eager to support you. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us via :)