Resignation Technology Officer


Dear all,

Please accept this as a notification that I am resigning from my position as Technology Officer of the EIT Digital Alumni board.

I would like to express my gratitude (and at the same time my apologies) to the alumni who have voted for me and through all of their votes I was able to qualify for this position. Unfortunately, at the present moment, I am unable to dedicate all of the necessary amount of time to the board. I feel it is unfair neither to you, the community, nor my colleagues, the board members, to occupy this position while not being engaged as much as the board requires. Therefore, I feel the need to step down and make room for someone with greater availability to step up. I warmly invite you to do so. The board members are great people and the perks are a good motivator.

Even though I am stepping down, I will still be part of the community and I'm willing to be contacted to answer any questions you might have. I hope you will get a good replacement to drive the technology behind the EIT Digital Alumni community.

Thank you,

Teodor Patras


Message from the Board:

We understand Teo's decision of stepping down, and we also would like to express our great gratitude to Teo for his work driving our website development. In the near future, we will look for alumni who can contribute to our website design and development, please keep tuned by our social media accounts @digitalumni!

(Group photo of the Board in the Physical Board Meeting 2020 Jan)