Give back: become a mentor!


It is an extremely exciting and busy period for our community! We are growing at a tremendous pace (over 800 members on our website, 140+ on our Slack Team), the number of our activities is increasing, and the interactions with the whole EIT (Digital) ecosystem are strengthening.

Of course, we are aware there is still a long way to go, but there are several facts and figures which tell us we are on the right path! We have recently published the Event Guidelines, which will help you organize meetups and gatherings in the name of our Community (and get funded for them)! 

Moreover, so to follow up with this expansion, we are launching today a new fantastic initiative: a mentorship programme, where younger members starting their careers will receive guidance and support from more experienced Alumni who already have successful careers.

This support may include: career and business advice, exchanging stories and experiences, access to job opportunities, technical topics of expertise (security, UX, networks, …) or even soft-skills, such as event planning or strategy.

Some hours per month could make a huge difference for a mentee, especially when looking for opportunities or just starting their careers! Do you feel like giving back to the community? 
JOIN US based on your availability!

Guide the next generation of talents HERE!