Community News

Alumni looking at laptop
We are looking for a contractor/freelancer Web Developer to be responsible for...
Let's light up the future of a refugee!
Collective Power
Two EIT Alumni​ made it to the final round of the MIT Climate CoLab​ challenge
Dinner Alumni
Host and get hosted by other EIT Alumni around Europe!
An interesting JOB opportunity only for you, dear EIT Digital Alumni! ;)
Alumni Board
This team will officially become the new board of the foundation on July 4th
The EIT Digital Alumni Foundation is happy to welcome Laena Nguyen as our new interim Events Officer.
Our Community expands after the 2nd Graduation Ceremony!
We bring to you 3 very happy announcements!
"A climate change expert, an energy engineer and a hacker walk into a bar..."
Willem Jonker, CEO of EIT Digital says that 'EIT Digital' is
We will let you know about our current work and show you a glimpse of the future